Digital Age in which we are living now, exposes us in a very particular way to enhance skill of collaboration. Hierarchies are not effective anymore. New has to come and there is an important role of new model leader which is: so called: “servant leader”. How to use it for the benefit you’ll know after this short read from our business series.

This book is for all kind of leaders, managers and employees who understand inevitability of digital change in a business environment and therefore would like to be essentially prepared for it.

In this book you’ll find:

◆ Suggestions of useful tools and techniques how to strengthen collaboration skills that hopefully help you to lead your company through essential digital change also called: “digital transformation”,

◆ Explanation why collaboration is that important for team’s performance and why hierarchy can spoil organization’s performance,

◆ Summary which you can use as a reference of necessary actions (or checklist) to increase your digital literacy and that can be introduced in your company and also:

◆ List of useful books and web pages you can use for further comprehension.