What's a difference between “business strategic thinking” and “digital strategic thinking”

Digital environment is already a fact.
Digital environment surrounds us and our businesses. Digital environment is evident now and comes to extend in nearest future. The question is: how to make a change from “business strategic thinking” into “digital strategic thinking”? What is the difference between those two?

The difference is about the outcome of this thinking process. “Business strategic thinking”
is targeted for predicting business opportunities and challenges of the business to create competitive advantage.

“Digital strategic thinking” leads to inventing or discovering unique business insights that comes from the technology used (or to be used)
in a company and digital environment present outside it. That means that processes of “business strategic thinking” and “digital strategic thinking” can come parallel. This happens particularly in the situation when a company continues so far undertaken business activities and its activity
in a digital environment is an ad-on to this.

These processes may however overlap or even exchange one another. This happens when
a company decides to continue with “digital only” strategy for the company. Then “digital strategy” and “business strategy” is the same one. This happens when digital strategy is being more perspective for the organization.

There are more differences between “strategic thinking” and “digital strategic thinking” if we look into a process of its creation. In “digital strategic thinking” there is a special role
of collaboration in its creation.

Group’s strategic thinking delivers better results than the individual’s knowledge. Collaboration enables creative and proactive approach. In the fast-changing world “wisdom of the team”, where members influence each other, delivers either better results and delivers it quicker.

Another important difference worth to mention is that “digital strategy thinking” is more focused on customer’s  satisfaction  than  any other strategy was before. Why? Because customer in a digital world can easier than ever compare our company’s offer to our competitors. What’s more customers not only compare offers easier but also easier than every switch between vendors. To make customer loyal, we have to satisfy him (or her) constantly more than others do.

Summarizing: being a “digital strategic thinker” means being able to imagine and define road of successful digital transformation. Process of its definition and creation should be leaded by common collaboration and inclusiveness of people in the organization.

Digital transformation as a way to introduce digital strategy should be focused on continuous changes to achieve persistent customers’ satisfaction.

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