What is strategic thinking?

Let’s start with a strategy definition first. Strategy means: setting goals, determining and executing necessary actions to achieve those goals, and - of course–defining and assigning adequate resources to make it all happen. Planning a strategy is looking for the answer to the question: “where shall we go”? But “strategic thinking” is useful not only for strategy preparation and goes far beyond building direct goal of setting a strategy. 

Strategic thinking is ability (and practice) of thinking beyond and forward. Strategic thinking requires ability of prediction making and scenario assessing. Requires answering a question: “What shall it be with my organization in next several years?” Also, defines a gap between present and future, answering a question: “How shall we get there”? Being “strategic thinker” means being able to plan the future, critically asses current position of your company, prepare successful strategic plan and most of all - effectively communicate that. 

In simple words–having “strategic thinking skill” means: being able to imagine and point out strategic directions of the business.

Results of strategic thinking does not have to be written. However there are benefits of having it written described later in this book. Most important is that they will be shared by all people in organization and respectively followed.

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