How to start planning for digital strategy (part 2)?

Sometimes networking requires looking outside the company’s resources for visionary people. Good chance to find them is to search those companies that are digital market leaders. In each and every of those companies there are people who build their success. Try to get in touch and network with them.

Vision of the future is first important part of the strategic thinking. Leader’s role is to find people who can help her or him with a vision of the future definition and prepare them a space to work together. “A space” means to assign necessary venue, time and focus (attention).

Finding a proper venue means to gather necessary people in a one room. This room might be a physical place to meet or a virtual room done by video or phone conversation. Once Leader gathered them, he (or she) has to arrange a special focus session (or more if necessary).

Finding a time, means to arrange sessions in such a way that all members can work together. This can be achieved either by real on-line communication or (if that’s not possible for some reason) by granting access for team’s members to all stored materials and exchanged ideas, so they can work on them at the same time. Once again worth to remind: collaboration is a key to successful digital thinking. Members of network have to collaborate truly, share thoughts, discuss and reach a final agreement to deliver significant results.

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