How to start planning for digital strategy (part 1)?

To be able to prepare proper strategy of the company it is necessary to predict (at least to some extent) what will look like future environment? Some people has this a natural gift which helps them to anticipate the future. Some does not. If you feel rather uncertain of what will happen or you have difficulties to describe it, don’t worry. 

You can resolve it in few ways. 

One way to resolve it is to address this question to your network. Network is a “wisdom of the group”.

First network you should start with can be a group of people composed of your co-workers and employees. There is a good chance that there might be people with this natural gift of being visionary and future prediction. There is also a good chance that if you compose your team with people from a younger generation (so called” “digital natives”) born after 80s’, you’ll gather essential knowledge on Digital Age as a natural environment and perspective changes.


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