How to ignate digital strategic thinking (part 2) – what next?

M.Raskino and G.Waller[1]  said it: “You need to be an outside-in visionary to be strong and effective as a digital business leader.” Indeed, apart from reported challenges and opportunities, Digital Leader should foresee also those of them not verbally expressed. Some challenges might not be present currently but would occur soon as part of changes delivered by a digital world. The same goes with opportunities. You should take into consideration opportunities perceived by your company and define digital solution for them.
You should also evaluate opportunities foreseen  as part of your digital literacy development studies[2].

Finding opportunities and challenges give you a starting point for searching on potential use of technology. Without the knowledge on what’s important for a company’s business, what troubles it and what might wind it up. You won’t be able to inspire others to change a business into “digital” one unless you prepare a solid value proposition of digital answer for current and future issues.

You can also propose total change of the course and digital disruption as a business strategy but even then knowing opportunities and challenges will support your logic behind advice to change.

Another possible outcome of digital strategic thinking is keeping existing business strategy as a frame and support it with digital elements. 

In both cases remember to describe opportunities and challenges with supportive data (like: expected business performance, facts about digital environment, current issues and value-added digital services) so your proposal is as specific as it can be. Without facts and data you will not be persuasive enough to convince others and your ideas might not be understood properly and executed.


[1]        Mark Raskino, Graham Waller,  Digital to the Core: Remastering Leadership for Your Industry, Your Enterprise, and Yourself,, Kindle Edition, 2016;

[2]        Digital literacy we will broad up and elaborate more in Book 2 of this read series: “Digital Literacy Skill”   available at: .

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