How to ignate digital strategic thinking (part 1)?

Start your strategic thinking from gathering information on: “what’s inside”? Proper recognition of what’s in the company is the same important as a prediction of what will future bring and in some cases even more. Current situation analysis defined a starting point for any change to happen.

The ability to gather internal knowledge, is a first necessity of Digital Leader. It doesn’t matter if you are preparing a separate digital strategy or just amending an existing business strategy with digital changes. Even if no formal strategy document is expected to be prepared, you can also use this technique to design possible use of technology in your business as an inspirational record.

You should find out what are the main challenges and opportunities of the company when stepping into Digital Age. You can gather this knowledge during special planning session as well as over regular management meetings.

Challenges are usually easier to recognize and they broad up during almost every management revisions as complaints, difficulties to be overcome or issue log. Usually it’s enough to go simply through reported issues or ask an open question on that to have them discovered.

Opportunities in most cases have to be intentionally searched and in result - discovered. People hasn’t a natural habit to express missed possibilities as they do for challenges. Both challenges and opportunities are necessary for further scenario planning.  

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