Digital natives and digital immigrants

There are two options.

Option one is that you are young leader and  a member of a new generation for whom everything that’s connected to digital assets, tools and techniques is as natural as breathing. If so, it means you are most likely so-called: “digital native”. This term has been introduced by Marc Prensky[1]  in 2001 for people born after 1980. You belong to a generation who conducted all their life with digital technologies and therefore do not know a world without computers and Internet. If so, then this fact to some extent will ease your life, as a leader who introduces digital change to the company.

Option two is that you are an experienced leader who worked and led teams even before Digital Age has started. Digital Age you are observing around puts on you a necessity of new skills and requires the understanding of digital tools and communication channels.

We will use “Digital Age” in capital letters to understand it as all essential changes that takes place in the business environment which is made by technology use. In particular: new digital products, new digital channels and new social media that occurred after year 1980. Especially at the beginning of millennium 2000, when Digital Age boost in both private and business environment we face huge change in the way we communicate and also–behave.

You know that you are going to live and work in totally new circumstances and you have to dive in them. This might scare you due to change scale.

But don’t worry too much.

You won’t lose if you force yourself to immerse in this new environment and learn how to live in them using your, so far gathered, experience.

To get acknowledged that digital world is really known to you, you have to make proactive strides to get up-to-speed with your younger colleagues who are “digital natives”. If you work hard, you can understand the digital environment to the same extend “digital natives” do. If this happens, you become well educated and prepared for a digital environment, so called: “digital immigrant”.
You will understand Digital Age and exist in it as well as “digital natives” do. Although digital environment is not your natural one, you’ll behave and work quite comfortably in them. That is quite doable and this book, as well as others from this series, will give you a help and show the way to achieve that.

[1]         Marc Prensky, (October 2001). Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants. On the Horizon. 9 (5): 1–6.

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