Digital divide

What is the digital divide?

We have described already two groups of people which are: “digital natives” and “digital immigrants”. Both of them can easily navigate among digital devices and can use technology in various ways. Either
by natural growing during Digital Age or by active immersion, they are digitally literate and can work and live in new circumstances without feeling lost.

But there is also a third group of people. Those that, for many reasons are: digitally excluded. Between those that are digitally literate and those that aren’t
is a digital divide. Digital divide is a gap: “between those who have the ability to use technology and digital devices easily, and those who struggle
to navigate them independently
”. [1] 

Digital divide is a gap that separates those that can benefit out of a digital world and those that cannot.

What are reasons for digital divide?

There are actually many of them, both physical and mental nature. First natural condition[2] for being digitally included (opposite to be “excluded”) is having constant and stable access to Internet. Having
no access makes it impossible to share information with others. Internet access also enables to benefit out of rich sources of information shared by others.

Another impact factor is exposure to technology, computers and mobiles. Having PC and mobile devices ease connection since some level of literacy comes partially natural. Age, country or residence, available income can make it impossible or at least difficult
to attend “digitally literates” community as well.

Pretty firm impact factor is finally motivation. When one believes that having this knowledge
is important to his or her life - easier comes to
an adequate level of comprehension.

Digital literacy requires constant improvements. This comes easier when you can follow news and trends on the Internet. For many people, especially “digital natives” Internet is a first and natural source of information for any topic and therefore her or his knowledge gets updated
on a regular basis. Others have to learn how to benefit out of digital resources.

[1]         By the Ultimate Guide to Digital Literacy,


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