Communication plan for digital transformation

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

John 1:1, Bible[1]

Everything starts with proper communication. Communication is not only information carrier but also is building future reality through imagination.

First communication that Digital Leader should perform is not straight directions but rather enquiring adequate questions. Those questions that help him (or her) to build an effective digital change plan. Those questions can be like:

  • What kind of technology and digital practices our main competitors implemented to run a successful business?
  • What shall we do, to be truly digital leader in our sector?
  • What major business challenges we currently face, can technology overcome or mitigate?
  • Can we add additional digital services to our products or shall we implement fully digital products to stay current on the market?
  • What kind of digital services can be interesting for our customers? Will they pay for them or we need them as additions to our products to make them more attractive for customers?
  • What kind of technology can help us with service excellence? Does Robotic Process Automation (RPA)[2]  or Artificial Intelligence (AI)[3]  may extend our efficiency, improve the quality of services or reduce the cost base, partially eliminating the necessary of human resources, more and more difficult to access on the market?
Those questions do not fulfill whole area of enquiries that has to be made to build up the digital transformation. These are opening question that Digital Leader should ask his (or her) colleagues to find out what is their attitude toward digital change. Answers to those questions will give him or her also information about existing level of digital literacy in the company as well as emotions they keep in hearths toward digital practices implementation. Might show a possible gap in knowledge to be completed before crucial stakeholders achieve enough of necessary digital acumen to formulate educated answers. Answers will also give him (or her) information on who can potentially be his (or her) ally in this major change of business model which leads to implementation of digital products and services.

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[2] Robotic Process Automation,

[3] Artificial Intelligence,

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